Light tunnels are popping up all over the place, almost literally. A light tunnel helps add light to a room that otherwise doesn’t quite get very much natural light, and you can put them virtually anywhere in your home.

Lately, there’s been a trend with AZ Sound Pro where the coordinators of events we book are specifically requesting custom light tunnels. But how do you know if a light tunnel is right for your event or party?

Depending on the shape and size of your venue, a light tunnel display could make it all the rage. Have you ever been to a wedding that had the bride and groom walk through a lattice of light in the middle of the aisle? This is one of the simplest light tunnel designs, but it really stands out on your big day. Alternatively, occasionally we book events that have dance floors with a light tunnel entrance to the main floor. These can really make your event pop in ways you never really imagined.

Picture showing up to your corporate party and you have your company or organization’s color scheme represented in light at the entrance. Not to mention that your lights are alternating in an original display of animation so as to draw attention to the light.

Pretty cool, right?

We get questions all the time about light tunnels here at AZ Sound Pro. If you think that your next party, wedding, corporate event, or conference needs a light tunnel, give us a call today at 480-440-2038 or email the owner and head technician Jared at with any questions you have. We would love to set up a killer lighting display for your next event including uplighting, mood lighting, a video map, or a bodacious light tunnel to let your guests think that no expense was spared and this event, your event, is one for the books that the entire party will remember for ages to come.

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