Lighting is not something that everyone remembers to take into consideration before a big event. However, having the right Types of Event Lighting can really add to the experience and bring an event from so-so to a night people will remember for a long time. Simply using the overhead lighting that’s already in place at the venue is pretty boring. Consider looking into other options for Event lighting to make things more interesting.


Rather than simply dimming the lights or having them fully on, consider getting some spotlights or pin lights to highlight the parts of the decor that deserve it, such as the centerpieces on the tables or the wedding cake. They can make these elements really stand out and be the focus of attention. Consider Stage Lighting when people are giving speeches to make them clearly visible to everyone. Aisles can also be lit up with spotlights to make them more visible. Basically, think of anything that may need some special attention when it comes to lighting.

Color and Texture

It’s also possible to use Uplighting to add washes of color so that even the walls fit in with the color scheme of the event. Many different colors are available and it’s even possible to have the colors used change throughout the night. LED lighting makes it easier and safer to have colored lighting at an event than in the past when this necessitated gel sheets used in conjunction with very hot lights that could sometimes be dangerous. The colors used in the decor and the lighting will help to determine the mood of an event, as different colors tend to be associated with different moods. For example, warm colors, such as reds, yellows and oranges, tend to bring on feelings of warmth while cool colors like purple, blue and green tend to be thought of as calming. Certain colors also have other cultural associations that need to be taken into consideration as well. Another option is to use lighting to add texture to make the event space look especially interesting. Consider projecting patterns on the dance floor, the walls or the ceilings using pre-cut patterns called gobos.

Other Special Lighting Types

There are so many different Types of Event Lighting to consider. There are the little sparkling white lights that can be hung up in trees or the Blisslights that look like stars or nebula clouds. One of the newer options is fairy berry lights, which fade on and off at random and look a bit like fireflies. Just think of all the different effects that can be created with special lighting to make any event even more perfect. For wedding and anniversary events, maybe the happy couple would like to have a monogram projected onto the wall with lights. At corporate events, the company logo can be projected using lights. The possibilities are endless with the right lighting professionals lending a hand. Lighting shows are a possibility as well to help build excitement, such as before a speech or the main part of the event.

Environmental Considerations

These days, a lot of people are concerned with limiting their environmental impact. Newer kinds of lighting are more environmentally friendly than some of the older options. Consider using mainly LED lighting or, if you decide to use candlelight, using those made out of renewable resources like beeswax or soy.

Arizona Sound Productions can help with all your lighting needs. We can help advise you on the best lighting choices for any type of event. We are the professionals that can also give you a little demonstration to help make it clearer exactly how your choices will look on the big day itself. Then any changes can be made to improve the final look.

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