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Commercial Audio Visual

Open your doors the AZ Sound Pro way. Smooth sound hitting your ears, the lighting is just right creating energy and igniting positive vibes, the visuals are on point and your company brand and culture is getting across the way you want it. In today’s modern work place, whether it’s a corporate office or restaurant, the style and design are more important than ever. Your sound, lighting, and video should be a major compliment to the over all picture. Arizona Sound Productions understands that and we are here to help!

AZ Sound Pro takes great pride in our ability to identify, design and integrate the best audio visual solutions for you and your company. AZ Sound Pro has gained the trust from many companies from small mom and pop stores to major corporations to provide them the latest in audio visual technology. We will work with you until we have a complete design that fits your needs and budget. Our Audio Visual installation team does not cut corners, we use nothing but the best products to insure your system will last long and perform strong. Arizona Sound Productions is here to help your business by providing a seamless audio visual design and integration.

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AZ Sound Pro Specializes in:


  • Professional Sound, Lighting, and Video
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Tours
  • Private Parties
  • Video Mapping
  • Video Walls
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design
  • Set/Stage Design


  • Commercial & Residential Audio Visual
  • Restaurants
  • Music Venues
  • Houses of Worship / Churches
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Office Spaces
  • Theaters
  • Clubs
  • Smart Homes (Home Automation)
  • Low Voltage
  • Security and Networking