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Event Management

Our production management team is the most complex group of people you’ll ever meet. They always have an answer to your questions, always have a solution for your concerns, and never want to see anything fall-through. With over 15 years of experience in the AV realm, nothing is too big for our top-tiered team.

Production management can come in many forms, however. There’s minimal project management, where our team commits themselves to your event, regardless of time or place. In minimal project management, our team will manage your audio visual objects, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Where we begin to get complex, is in the mid-level project management. This mid-level production management allows for our team to control multiple audio objects, and syncing them into visual objects. All of our lights will synchronize into the audio, or begin and end where you’d like. The mid-level production management will have both audio and visual production involved. We will monitor every audible aspect to ensure it matches seamlessly with all visual components.
Alright, now here’s where we start to break the breakers.

The top-level production management package from AZ Sound Productions includes a multi-level, multiple-channel AV Integration system that will surely steal the show. Our top-level designers and installation staff will be present the entire event, to ensure that every ounce of power we’re putting in, you are getting out. Whether it be a hotel, event, or venue, the premium level of production management from AZ Sound Productions will absolutely blow you away.

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