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Lighting Design

Lights! Lights! Lights! The lighting design is everything in today’s world. The technology available has made lighting more exciting than ever! Create moods, inspire workers, ahh your attendees and turn your space into something special. We call ourselves light artist, we encourage crazy ideas and the only real limit is the imagination. From fixed installations (offices, restaurants, venues, houses of worship etc.) to live events (weddings, corporate parties, concerts etc.), here at Arizona Sound Productions, we have really found a passion for creating experiences and we know one of the biggest parts of a good experience is the lighting. Not only do we carry many major lighting brands we but also build custom lighting in-house. We can turn just about anything into a piece of light art and we accept your challenge… Don’t worry if you are not feeling creative that is why we are here. From residential to commercial we are here to light the way and build an awesome lighting design that is sure to impress.

AZ Sound Pro can handle many levels of lighting design from commercial and residential panelized lighting solutions as well as retrofit lighting options that are controllable from a smart app. We can handle all levels of event lighting from theater stages to festivals in the park. Don’t hesitate, we can’t wait to start designing for you!

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AZ Sound Pro Specializes in:


  • Professional Sound, Lighting, and Video
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Tours
  • Private Parties
  • Video Mapping
  • Video Walls
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design
  • Set/Stage Design


  • Commercial & Residential Audio Visual
  • Restaurants
  • Music Venues
  • Houses of Worship / Churches
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Office Spaces
  • Theaters
  • Clubs
  • Smart Homes (Home Automation)
  • Low Voltage
  • Security and Networking