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Sound/PA + Lighting Rentals for Weddings

The biggest day of your life is coming and everything must be perfect! AZ Sound Pro is here to help! We understand the importance of the big details and all the small details as well. AZ Sound Pro has been working in the wedding industry for over 10 years and we have had the chance to work side by side with the best wedding planners in the business. From the ceremony to the reception AZ Sound Pro has you covered. We can handle all the audio, video and lighting elements that go into what makes the best day of your life memorable for everyone attending. Our lighting design will be sure to complement and extend the beauty in all the details going into your special day. Lighting is extremely important and we want your wedding to look the best it can. We have multiple ways to make your wedding look great with lighting techniques such as uplights, pin spots, cake spots, custom monograms, spot lights, bistro lights (string lights) moving dance lights and of course we can’t forget the special effects like low lying fog for your first dance or blasting fog for your main entrance. Who doesn’t want to feel like a superstar when they enter their wedding? We also offer unique video mapping services, we can share your slide show or any video content on any surface. Wedding cakes, walls, we have even had a video playing on a car before. The imagination is our only limit. At AZ Sound Pro we take all audio visual very serious and good quality sound at your wedding is a must. Hire us and you will never have to worry about the officiants mic cutting out during the middle of your ceremony and you can also rest easy knowing your reception will sound amazing. We can’t wait to help start planning for your big day!

Our AZ Sound Pro Weddings Lighting package comes with limitless customization. We tailor to you, and your event because it’s your special day. We’ve got moving lights, stationary lights, lights that change colors, and lights that vary in speed of display. In addition to the PA system, lighting plays a huge role in presentation. We understand that your wedding is a sacred ceremony that you’d like be your best at. AZ Sound Pro wants to give you the best presentation possible, and would love to see the faces of all the people witnessing this great event, that you put on!

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AZ Sound Pro Specializes in:


  • Professional Sound, Lighting and Video
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Tours
  • Private Parties
  • Video Mapping
  • Video Walls
  • Lighting Design 
  • Sound Design
  • Set/Stage Design


  • Commercial & Residential Audiovisual
  • Restaurants
  • Music Venues
  • Smart Homes (Home Automation)
  • Smart Business (Business Automation)
  • Houses of Worship / Churches
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Clubs
  • Music Venues
  • Theaters
  • Low Voltage (Security, Networking, & AV)